The Divided States of America

America has gone from “the greatest country on earth”, to the crazy people living in Canada’s basement. At this rate, Mexico is going to build their own wall and hire undocumented Mexican workers from every home depot parking lot to build it.

When Donald Trump told you he wanted to “Make America Great Again”, which page number in an American History textbook was he referring to exactly? I must of slept through the chapter when the United States was operating at it’s full potential. The truth is, we were never the greatest country on earth, we just told ourselves that. The same way our sports teams refer to themselves as world champions. The only thing united about this country is the landmass we’re living on. The politicians and people in this country are more divided than ever. As long as we have a split party political system in this country, we will never be united as a nation.

Call me crazy. but last time I checked, the goal in life was to survive. To prolong life for future generations, that is why we have children. How we allow our government to charge us for the very thing we need in order to sustain life is beyond me. Hopefully one day people will begin to see the reality of life and not the world politicians perceived it to be.